13 Artifacts That Have Been Lost Because Of Idiots

Check out this list of incredible artifacts which are lost because of really stupid people, Oxford University acted like a dodo with its dodo- and 12 other artifacts that got lost or destroyed in extremely foolish ways.

In 2010, Paintballers destroyed 800 year old Native American petroglyphs. 11 dollar paintballs priceless ancient art The residual paint cannot be cleaned off without destroying the ancient artwork. CRACKED.COMA London family turned a 250 year old Chinese vase into a DIY Lamp. If not for the drilled hole in the bottom the lamp would have been worth £250,000. CRACKED.COMThe Nazis lost an entire room. The Nazis stole the entire contents of The Amber room, an entirely gold and amber room worth over 500 million dollars in today's currency, from the Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo in Russia. It was hidden during the war and has yet to be found. CRACKED.COMOne of the first American Flags was cut into a bunch of pieces. The daughter of a revolutionary war hero would cut up the flag and gave it to whoever she deemed worthy of a piece. CRACKED.COMThe guy who broke King Tut's beard tried to glue it back on. It took 9 weeks of scraping high strength industrial glue off of the 3000 year old mask in order to restore it, however a gap still remains between the mask and the beard. CRACKED.COMGreenpeace destroyed a 2000 year old Peruvian geoglyph. TIME FOR CHANGE! THE FUTURE IS RENEWABLE GREENPEACE Ironically, it was their footprints that did the most damage. CRACKED.COMThe original film for Lunch Atop A Skyscraper was dropped. It splintered into 5 pieces and is now unusable. CRACKED.COMOxford University let bugs eat the world's only complete Dodo specimen. It was one of 3 remaining tissue samples and the only complete specimen. But by 1755 it suffered so much mite damage they burned everything but the foot and head. CRACKED.COMThe oldest ship in the world became a fancy coffee table. During World War II American forces burnt down the museum containing the Nemi ships, the oldest surviving ships. In 2017 it was discovered one of the last remaining artifacts, a mosaic, was being used as a coffee table by a wealthy family in New York. CRACKED.COMNASA trashed the Apollo 11 mission controllers. - APOLLO II TEMPORBAY PARTS RENOUND TM CREAM ORD DINSER T NEXT MARK Number VSA 201 Mutin adidas REMEXT T412 GAG INC MICH PART P SEINSTALLED The employee instructed to throw them out sold them to a private buyer. They resurfaced in 2020 when they went up for auction- for 780,000 dollars. CRACKED.COMThe world's most isolated tree was hit and killed by a car. The Tree of Ténéré in the Sahara desert was the only tree for 250 miles- until a drunk driver rammed into it in 1973. CRACKED.COMWe ate all the mummies. There are very few mummies left because different parts of mummified bodies were commonly used as medicine in 16th and 17th century Europe. CRACKED.COMThe world's oldest tree was cut down. ...to confirm it was the world's oldest tree. CRACKED.COM



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