13 Foods You Are Eating The Wrong Way All This Time

Eating food with forks, knives, spoons, hands, etc are something which we use to gallop our food but have you ever wondered there are certain ways which one have to follow to eat certain things. Eating chocolate bars with fork and knife is not one of them, that is simply stupid as you have seen in Seinfeld. Check out the 13 ways to eat your food right below.


#13 Tacos




When you try to eat a tacos, the filling comes out from both the sides, so what to do about it. Here is a trick, wrap it in a lettuce leaf and enjoy it.

#12 Oreo Biscuits




Usually when you dip the Oreo you dip your fingers also, and it gets messy, so to getaway from this mess, prick a fork in it and then try dipping it.

#11 Strawberries




In order to remove the stem from the strawberry, use a straw. Have you ever tried it before?

#10 Hotdogs




To make your hot dog cook fast and easier to eat, just cut it in this way.

#9 Eggs




You don’t need to thank me for sharing this trick.

#8 Lemons




To extract the maximum juice from a lemon. Try this.


#7 Popsicle




This is the right method of eating a popsicle.

#6 Toblerone




How were we eating this on the earth? It was absolutely wrong.

#5 French Toast




Coat your toast with a layer of cereals and get even more crisper toast.

#4 Noodles




Open the box and make it your plate. Now just enjoy eating your noodles.

#3 Cupcakes




Try eating your cupcakes like this. It will taste even better.

#2 Banana




Did you know this? If not, try for the next banana you have.

#1 Soda




To enjoy your drink in a better way, insert the straw through the tab, so that it doesn’t rise out of the can.



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