15 Animals Who Choose To Destroy Just Because They Can And Got Caught

Pets are absolutely adorable, but at times they just have no masters. They are leaders and monarchs of the house and that means they can do whatever they want and when they want, including their natural instincts such as scratching, scraping, tearing, biting, or marking their region on your most cherished properties. No matter how mad you might originally be at your little beast, no object can restore your loyal friend, so you just have to believe that this is what pets do, forget, and train them so it won’t happen again.

Have you ever caught your loved pet chewing up your couch, hanging from a curtain, eating all the flowers on the way, slaughtering pillows, or dismantling the fridge? Wonder Homie created a challenge and invited people to share photos of their pets destroying things.

No Regrets. A Three Part Story

My Dog Chewed A Hole Through His Towel And Stuck His Head Through It. Now He Wears It Around The House Like A Poncho

She Looked Guilty For A Split Second, Then Continued With Her Rampage

This Cat Is Destroying A House. A Doll House

Apparently We've Adopted The Koolaid Man

My Dog Made Himself A Perfect Costume By Destroying His Stuffed Cow

Lolly The Destroyer

It Was The Cat, I Tells Ya

How Could You Be Mad At Her With Eyes Like Those

He Looks So Innocent You'd Think The Vase Broke On Its Own

Bane, Destroyer Of Worlds

This Isn’t What It Looks Like...

Good Boy Does A Bad

Dog Chews £80,000 Aston Martin

She Chewed Up Her Red Holee Roller Ball And Now Our Mask Collection Is Complete. We Finally Got One In Every Color

Throne Of Destruction

He Has Become A Plant

Alright, Who Destroyed The Couch?

Dad, I’m Not Real Sure How To Say This But I Screwed Up... I’m Sorry

Hey Mom, I Opened The Door For You

Not That I Can Go Anywhere Anyway




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