15 Pathetic Living Spaces

The older you get, the more disappointing it is to anyone you bring back to your place. It doesn’t matter how attractive you are or how great your personality is. Well-adjusted adults aren’t going to be with you if they have to sit on the floor mattress. Clean up your act people!

1. I know all you do at this age is play video games and masturbate but you should not set your apartment up that way.

2. I mean, it’s a good start…

3. Maybe some art, bro. And NOT a framed movie poster.

4. This isn’t living. Furniture can be cheap. Free if you scan enough neighborhood sidewalks.

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5. Move back in with your parents. They aren’t done raising you.

6. Tarzan is a hipster now?

7. Stop doing this.

8. Have you not heard of cabinets or tables?

9. This is a cry for help.

10. Is that a step-ladder?

11. Enjoy celibacy.

12. These chairs. They are for camping. They are not furniture. NO.

13. Now if only you had a place to sit.

14. That leaning mirror is making me extremely anxious.

15. Plenty of room to practice your nunchucks.



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