15 People Had No Idea What They’d Found, Then Internet Explained

Sometimes Google just can’t help you. That’s where the combined mind of everyone on the internet comes in. There are so many of us online now and all the time, at least one of us has to know what something is, no matter how obscure. That’s what these people did. When in doubt, ask the people of the internet.

1. I found this little guy under a stair in a parking garage at the mall. The clothing is made out of thread and his hair is made by what seems like glue dipped into dirt?


What it is: It is a worry doll. You tell your worries to it and put it under your pillow at night. It’s supposed to take away your worries while you’re sleeping.

2. Found this white fuzzy thing in my basement, mother freaked out. Someone please tell me what the heck it is.


What it is: Spiders infected with fungus look like this.

3. Ikea Coffee mug, what is the thing at the bottom?


What it is: So water doesn’t stay on the bottom if you put the mug in the dishwasher.
Pretty clever design actually.

4. This sticker on the inside cover of a second-hand bible. Pretty sure it depicts a partridge and a fig tree, both of which have biblical connections but no idea what it means.


What it is: No Bush/Quail. 1992 election sticker.

5. Went exploring in White Sands, New Mexico and found an…object.


What it is: Looks like it could be titanium – titanium spheres of similar size are a relatively commonly found space debris.

6. What are these things and what are they doing?


What it is: They are red slugs, and they’d probably like some privacy. They’re mating.

7. My girlfriend found these in her dinner? Are they seeds?


What it is: A pretty good picture of bug eggs.

8. These Were Free-Roaming At A Zoo So Didn’t Have A Sign/Info On Them. Thought They Were Hares But Walkedon All Fours And Hand Quite Long Front A Back Legs. What Is This?


What it is: Patagonian Cavy.

9. My sister found this when cleaning out a fish. This was in the mouth and there was a smaller one in the stomach. It kinda freaked us out, does anyone know what it is?


What it is: Tongue eating parasite (cymothoa exigua). Truly harrowing. Eats the fish’s tongue and then takes the place of the fish’s tongue.

10. Some kind of explosive lying on the floor of server room?


What it is: It’s a Sagger Missile A Russian MCLOS ATGM.

11. I saw this “cloud” on my way to work yesterday morning, May 22nd, at 5 AM EST. Other than this, the sky was completely clear. I’ve never seen a natural cloud phenomenon like this before.


What it is: Rocket launch. I live near a launch complex. See this a lot.

12. Heathrow Airport | Looks like it hasn’t moved in ages.


What it is: For fire training, for the airport fire brigade.

13. I found this thing in my food. It was just stuck to a piece of meat; it wasn’t lodged into it or anything. Anyone know what it is?


What it is: Cattle/pig microchip for meat traceability.

14. Found this kayaking in the Mississippi River yesterday, I think it’s some kind of exact fungus but I’ve never seen this in my life.


What it is: Bryozoa (also known as the Polyzoa, Ectoprocta or commonly as moss animals) colony.

15. I found this jammed in my front door lock, it’s about 1.5” long. What is is?


What it is: It’s a tension wrench from a lock pick set.



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