16 Photos: The Best Thing About Photoshop Battles Is Everyone Wins

One of my favorite fun internet games is the Photoshop Battle. It works like this: Someone posts a funny or amusing photo, and then everyone else tries to make the best/most bizarre photoshopped image of it. It sounds simple enough, but the outcomes are excellent. See for yourself.

1. A little girl pretending to fire a .50cal gun.

2. Family-friendly?

3. Next time get that stupid dog.

4. Unstoppable.

5. Curly-haired white mouse sniffing a pink flower.

6. Outstanding.

7. Worthy.

8. I’m ready for a sequel.

9. Three women holding foxes, you know, like you do.

10. For all my OCD peeps.

11. Not a fox.

12. May the fox be with you.

13. Lady and a happy lamb.

14. Saw it coming but it’s still so good.

15. No parachute? Risky but I’ll allow it.

16. A vast improvement.

More funny photoshop:



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