20 Discontinued Food Items Which Give You Give You Awesome Nostalgic Feelings

The start of 2000 feels like a whole eternity away. And it kinda is, since the year 2020 has turned the time-space continuum and we’re now confined in its never-ending limbo.

Time would pass a complete lot quicker, though, if someone would teleport some of the goodness from the 2000s. From 3D Doritos to Creme Savers and Altoids Sours, these have been gone for a while now and the odds are, nobody really noticed.

Discontinued Food ItemsLime-Flavored SkittlesExtra Thin Ice SheetsAltoids SoursCinnamon Tic TacsReese's BitesSqueeze PopHaribo Sugar-Free Gummy BearsKudosNesquik CerealPhiladelphia Cheesecake BarsCampino Strawberry And Cream SweetsMars DelightJell-O Pudding PopsCrystal PepsiFlintstone Push-Up Pops3D DoritosButterfinger BbsSlice SodaOnion NuggetsOreo CakestersSqueez-ItsHeinz Ez SquirtPepsi Blue



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