20 Hilarious Pics From The “Out Of Context Human Race” Twitter Page

Imagine planet Earth from an outsider’s point of view. From many light-years away, it probably wouldn’t seem all that impressive through some sort of futuristic telescope technology. Anyone watching Earth as a transiting exoplanet wouldn’t see our world as a vibrant oasis suffused with blue, green, and tan, as it appears in up-close satellite images. They would simply see a lump of rock getting in the way of the Sun.

The real fun would start if those looking could zoom in more. A lot more. So much they could spy on our lives. If that sounds interesting to you as well, there’s a Twitter account that shows our everyday life without any filters. Out of Context Human Race shares fan-submitted images (and sometimes videos) that paint a broad picture of what’s going on around here. Continue scrolling and check some of them out.




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