20 Most Ridiculous Food Servings In The Restaurants

We Want Plates is a community of regular people who are awesome foodies and they are joining their forces to make restaurants serve food on real plates, not on bits of wood and Lego! Creativity needs to stop somewhere! To do so, they are humiliating all the ridiculous food servings they are receiving online, and their movement has made them quite notorious. Check out some of the worse servings in an actual restaurant below.

Welcome To Hell

This Restaurant Is Rated 4.7/5 Stars

Eggcelent Fried Bitterballen

Little Bite Size Appetizer Served On A Box Of Uncooked Potatoes

Bread Chips On A Comb

Cursed Cocktail

A Friend Of Mine Showed Me This Photo Today, Served In A Restaurant In Las Vegas

Deconstructed Hand S'more?

Edible Plates Only

Yes That Is A Bagel Filled With Cheese Mounted Like A Deer Over A Bowel Of Tomato Soup

I'm Glad To See They Be Serving Ramen The Traditional Way

Old School Friend Just Posted This Abomination

We’re Just Eating This Cake With Our Faces

$37 “Butter Shrimp”

I Guess There Is Technically A Plate... But Common

It Finally Happened To Me Last Night

They Call This Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Thanks For The Plate But Am I Supposed To Lick The Glass Clean?

Fries In A Maison Jar... Why

Big Dawg Breakfast Served In An Actual Dog Dish

Tiramisu Served In A Coffee Maker

Excuse Me?

Some Goober Filled My Drink Full Of Rocks. Does This Count?





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