20 People Missed The Joke Entirely And Embarrassed Themselves

On internet it doesn’t matter how good of a  jokester you are, it sometimes happens that for whatever reason, you don’t get the joke at all. You can blame it on anything you like. But missing the whole point of a sarcastic comic joke, pun, or quip is something most of us aren’t really proud of.

This Is A Drum Set...

How Could You Forget

Russian Vaccine Go BlyatYou Don’t Say?

How Do You Not See The Sarcasm?!Cars, Laws, SignsFacebook Never DisappointsI’ll Admit, I Had To Reread The Original Post

We've Been Fooled

Would Of Never Guessed MateAn Oldie But A Goldie

9/11 Is A ConspiracyShe's 0 For 2Instagram PeopleThat MeatYou Dont SayWent Right Over Her HeadSame Way All Submarines Do

Wow Didn’t Know That’s How It’s SpelledMaybe It Only Shows On iPhoneYes, You Were Obviously The Only One That Noticed

No They're Definitely DifferentStanding Still

In My Friends Discord Server

Why? She Can Just Put One On??

The Rare Double Whammy

He Didn’t Buy The AppBlink If You’re OkI Thought Social Distancing Started Three Years Ago...



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