20 “Politically Incorrect, Bold, And Over The Line” Comics

Sappy Dayz is a webcomic that doesn’t hold back. It pokes enjoyment at pretty much everything you can think. X-rated entertainment, death, even our own nonsense, nothing is off-limits.

You can view these comics as short character tests. You scroll through them, pay attention to which ones you find entertaining and which ones offend you, and the topics where you draw the line can tell a lot about your values you hold dear.

The creator of the series, says it is “politically incorrect, bold, and sometimes over the line” and “if you are offended by anything published here and feel the need to show your outrage please kindly f**k right off”. They simply don’t care.

Politically Incorrect Comics

Jehovah’s Witnesses On HalloweenPyramid SchemeSpace Lawyers Shift ChangeFollow The Formula Old People SoupAirbnbSnack Bagans A Fly’s First Day In The Job Perp TalkSedative The Real Golden TicketTrolling UphillCareer FairStranger Not Looking To Make Friends TankedHeart AttackDoom-O-Matic 5000Choose Your Wizard Misinformation Man Ad 33 Things Getting Serious HereThoughts On Chiropractors?Truth! Am I Right??What Exactly Do Guidance Counselors Do? Thanksgiving TraditionGame Spot



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