21 Absolute Animals Plumper Than A Christmas Goose

Who doesn’t love a good chunky boi? A floof. A loaf. They’re all wonderful. I feel like that really thicc cat went viral a couple of years ago but then people forgot the greatness of the rotund animal. Well, forget no longer. Check out the list below.

1. Eat chicken.

2. Hakuna Potato.

3. Oh lawd they boatin’.

4. Little help?

5. Praise the sun.

6. Does…does he work there?

7. Eat all of your Frosted Flakes, kids.

8. This mountain lion has a chin-up bar somewhere.

9. “Y’all got any spare picnic baskets, or nah?”

10. Didn’t even know geckos could get thicc.

11. I’ve never seen a creature so at peace.

12. What if the 101 Dalmatians were just one dalmatian?

13. Thought this was cauliflower for a sec.

15. Who is walking who, right? Get it???

16. Reminds me of the cat from Fievel Goes West.

17. The leash is just for show.

18. Good lord!

19. The demon dog statues from Ghostbusters.

20. I shall call him Rambo.

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