25 Times A Funny Coworker Is The Only Thing Getting You Through The Workday

One of the most basic human experiences is working a lousy job with someone you like. Nothing brings people together like shared misery, and to pass the time is the least painful way possible you both agree to act like unsupervised children. Whatever it takes to make it to the next paycheck.

1. Ok, I can take a hint.

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2. Let’s go grab some air.

3. Who Slashed my tires?

4. When you call Linda when she’s on vacation.

5. Safety is our top priority.

6. When your coworker gets his citizenship.

7. Anything to get through the call.

8. When management didn’t pass English.

9. Hate to tell him…

10. Dry erase market skill: 8/10

11. Love the bulletin board.

12. When you look out the window and see a fresh layer of snow on the parking garage, then inspiration strikes.

13. Nailed it.

14. Oh well guess you have to eat it now.

15. This stapler is more well-traveled than I am.

16. I want one.

17. Now that’s a notice.

18. I hate that I laughed at this.

19. I need these stickers.

20. Dress for the job you want?

21. This is actually brilliant.

22. Made for each other.

23. Seems legit.

24. A for effort.

25. Shane is the man.



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