27 Lingos You Have To Understand Before Visiting Australia

Australians are notorious to give nick names to everything and everyone, Not in a bad way of course but in a funny way but rest of the world struggle to understand all these normal lingos. But there are some everyday phrases which do not get translated into normal men’s English. For example If you ask about online slot games which is quite straight forward to hear and speak already but they will translate it into pokies online! For normal person hearing this word will translate into Facebook’s poking function with a twist of adult nature.  So here we have a collection of phrases you need to understand before you visit the Aussieland (Australia, That is), before your fairy floss beaten by some Australian bogan and your arvo got messed up and you loose thongs on the beach. SEE! you have to read more.


1. Coriander: Cilantro for Australians.

2. Rockmelon: It is actually a Cantaloupe. Sounds more like antelope and not at all like a fruit.

3. Oath: Short for bloody oath which also means, “I agree wholeheartedly, good sir.”

4. Mozzy: Not some southern Australian but it is a blood sucking and really annoying Mosquito.

5. No worries: It is used as, “you’re welcome.” If you do something civil Aussie will respond no worries and not You are welcome.

6. Tradie: Short for tradesman and this word has more branches like your family tree such as “brickie” (bricklayer), “truckie” (truckdriver), “sparky” (electrician), “garbo” (garbage collector) and “chippie” (carpenter) and I can go on, literally.

7. Bum bag: Fanny pack. And most Aussies will laugh in your face when you say fanny pack because “fanny” means vagina in Australian. Well, In England as well maybe they are distant cousins. Yes, I know do not get me started on that.

8. Thongs: It is something for your feet and not for something delicate as your ass. Yep, Thongs are flip flops.

9. Trackies or trackie dacks: Short for tracksuit pants or sweat suit, I don’t think it is short my tongue got twisted by saying it more then once.

10. Sick c-nt: Don’t get offended it is the highest level of compliment coming from an Australian.

11. Fairy Floss: Cotton Candy. It just ruined cotton candy for me.

12. Chockers: Means something is full or you are full. for example: Thank you, I am chockers with your beer! (This is not true)

13. Servo: This is the short version of Petrol Station.

14. I’m snowed under: I have a lot of shit to do. Snowed is used for shit.. hmmmm

15. I’m run off my feet: Rarely requires actual running.

16. I’m across it: Usually used to tell someone you’ve got it covered. For example, “I’m across that project.” or “Dude I’m across it.”

17. Clucky: Usually used when you see a cute baby and then want one of your own. For example, if someone says, “OMG, your daughter is adorable. I can’t wait to have kids,” they are 100% clucky.

18. Doona: Comforter. Can be  confused for Dauna, so ask again if you get mixed up with your daughters name.

19. Bogan: The closest phrase would probably be like “red neck” or “hick.”

20. She’ll be right: Used instead of saying, “it’s going to be alright.”

21. Sh-t’s f-cked: well for once you won’t understand what he said because it will be something like sh-t’s faaarked. Basically means “This is messed up!” It is messed up.

22. Arvo: Short for afternoon, Go figure.

23. Bevvies: Short for beverage, usually the alcoholic kind. So anyone offers Bevvies you say YES!

24. Esky: Esky is how you keep your Bevvies cool.

25. Bottle-o: Short for your local alcohol shop.

26. Tinny: Tinny is short for Beer, I am guessing can of beer.

27. Sickie: If your tum tum is not well you have to take a Sickie. Don’t ask me what that means figure it out yourself, I am out for some Bevvies.

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