29 Pictures Which Will Blow Your Mind Into A Million Little Pieces

Every once in a while, the Internet blesses us all with truly transcendent knowledge. These are just a few examples of those ingenious thoughts. Prepare to feel just like this guy:



1 When this odd question made you doubt everything you’ve been taught.


2 When you realized just how backward humanity really is.


3 When this scary thought seriously messed with your head.


4 When you learned that some names have hilarious consequences.


5 When this actually launched you into a full-on existential crisis of sorts.


6 When you stared at your computer screen for longer than is probably healthy.


7 When you never saw baby centaurs the same way again.


8 When this disturbing fact was presented to you.


9 When you realized every president probably goes through an awkward phase at first.




11 When you learned that nature is straight-up baffling.


12 When you legitimately considered this ridiculous statement for a second.


13 When you simply COULD NOT with the English language.


14 When Tumblr puns reached a whole new level of WTF.


15 When the science side of Tumblr came out to school the world.


16 When you finally understood the perfume industry in all its glory.


17 When the entire concept of flatulence was redefined.


18 When sleep suddenly sounded like the most terrifying, trippy experience of all time.


19 When you concluded that sleep is a surprisingly brave and mysterious activity.


20 When you could not have been more impressed by the alphabet.


21 When you actually pictured this and concluded that, yes, the Internet is genius.


22 When you experienced your own personal “Inception” moment.


23 When this expression finally made sense to you.


24 When this pretty much turned your world upside down, no pun intended.


25 When you genuinely wanted to congratulate whoever discovered honey.


26 When you wondered if the Trix slogan has any truth to it.


27 When you suddenly felt like some kind of weird transaction.


28 When this violently enlightening discovery was made.


29 When your brain literally exploded into a million little pieces.

Did you hear that? It was the sound of your brain exploding. BOOM!!!!



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