3 Ways Introverts Can Enjoy a Social Gathering More

One of the biggest issues introverts have to face is dealing with a social gathering. Even if this isn’t an issue at the moment, it will become one in the future. Even if an introvert would rather be at home with a good book or binging on a TV boxset, sometimes they will need to go out and be with other people. In fact, not doing so is bad for your mental health.

So how can introverts feel a little more comfortable at these events, or even enjoy themselves? Here are some ways it can be done.


Take on a Job

Usually it’s not the party itself that is a concern for an introvert; it’s the fact they will have to talk to new people and make conversation. This can be extremely difficult for those who usually prefer their own company as well as those without a lot of confidence. In order to combat this problem, take on a job at the party so you have something to occupy yourself with.

Once you arrive, ask the host or hostess what you can help with. Most of the time they will be more than happy to give you a task, which could be anything from hanging up coats to ensuring everyone’s drinks are topped up. You might gather up the empty glasses, or perhaps pass around a tray of food. Whatever it is, having something to do will make the situation easier, and it will mean your conversations have a much better starting point; there will be a reason to talk to people.


Prepare Yourself

It’s good to be prepared for the party you’re attending, but there is a fine line between preparedness and something that will increase your anxiety. Being prepared is using your Sephora coupon code to buy your makeup in time and choosing what you’re going to wear. Being over-prepared is putting on your makeup and outfit too early, for example.

If you start thinking about it too soon, you’ll start to get nervous. If you start thinking about it too late, you’ll have to rush and that will make you anxious as well.

Plan your day out so that you know exactly when you are going to start getting ready and when you intend to leave the house. This way, you can prevent any additional worries wherever possible, and enjoy the evening more.


Know When to Leave

If you decide what time you’re going to leave in advance, as part of your planning, you’ll be able to enjoy the party a lot more. It might sound strange, but having your own deadline is rather freeing as it means you can really enjoy the time you do have at the social gathering and make the most of it.

Remember, if you’re having fun and don’t want to leave, you can always push your leaving time back. If you’re really uncomfortable you can bring it forward. Just don’t spend the entire evening watching the clock as you might insult the host or hostess and you will make yourself – and those around you – more anxious.



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