30 Evil Packaging Designs That Were Created To Scam People

There are 2 thumb rules when it comes to advertising, one is that the most effective element of an ad is the truth and the other is that reality doesn’t really matter as long as it draws the customers. And we bet that the individuals who have made the following packaging designs only knew the second statement to work with. These products are packed to make buyers think that they are getting a fantastic deal for their money when in reality, they aren’t! Scroll on to check out our collected list of the worst packaging designs that were designed to mislead people.

#1 1001 Stickers And 768 Of Them Are Useless Squares. Thanks, Disney


#2 Tricked By The Packaging Of My Moisturizing Cream



#3 Is Anyone Else Bothered By Deceptive Packaging Like This?


#4 Bought These Sticky Notes Cause I Thought The Gold Border Was Nice



#5 My Sister Got This For Her Birthday


#6 The Sticker Was A Lie


#7 Ahh Yes, Reality Is Often Disappointing


#8 “Printed All Over” And Deliberately Leaves The Pattern On The Outside Of The Package



#9 Natural My Foot


#10 Rolling Stone Presents (39 Of The) 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time



#11 Both Weigh 500g But The Green One Is In A 30% “Bigger Bag More To Share”


#12 So Thankful For My Singular Candy Topping



#13 Thought I’d Buy Some Colored Pens. Turns Out Every Single One Of Them Has Blue Ink


#14 Bought A Ball Pit For My Baby


#15 This “Box” Of Beef Jerky


#16 How Can They Even Call This “Non-Dairy?”



#17 Sales Genius


#18 This Cashew Packaging. I Was Wondering Why My Hand Instantly Hit The Bottom When I Opened It



#19 Bought A Coloring Book And Pencils To Keep Myself Busy While I’m Off Work. Thought These Were Full-Size Pencils


#20 New Packaging (Right), Same Quantity



#21 800 Pieces. Yeah Right. The Box Is Half Blocked And 550 Pieces Are Tiny Dot Pieces. My Son Was Not Happy


#22 I Was Wondering Why This Watermelon Juice Tasted So Weird


#23 New Means What’s Inside Is Not New


#24 Bought Some Eye Makeup, Just Realized One Of The Eyeshadows Isn’t Safe For Eyes. Found Out Via White Print On A White Background



#25 My Mother Ordered 1000 Plastic Blocks For Her Nephews. Ended Up Receiving 523


#26 Brand New Protein Powder, Not Even Filled Half Whey



#27 I Guess The Meatballs All Just Wanted A Window Seat


#28 8% Alcohol Or



#29 Tesco Is Selling “Flushable” Wet Wipes Which Are “Harmful To Aquatic Life”


#30 New Cereal Box Is 11% Taller With 1.6% Less Cereal



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