30 Evil Packaging Designs That Will Seriously Piss You Off

From a deceiving box, hiding the true size of a sandwich to a clever wrap, making a lollipop appear way better than it actually is, there should be a special place in hell for everyone who contributed to these packaging ideas. Check out these 30 products which are here just to deceive you.


This Gummy Bear Cup

Typical Sale In Russia. Buy A Pack, Get A 2 Hot Dogs Free

There Are Only 3 Veggie Sausage Rolls In This Pack

That's Just Rude


This Is Why I Have Trust Issues

Nice Big Jumbo Shrimps

The Difference Between A Small Vs Medium Orange Juice At Mcdonalds

The Difference Between A Small Vs Medium Orange Juice At Mcdonalds

This Deceiving Sandwich Packaging

Prolong Deliciousness

Oh The Irony

I Needed Red. Guess Which One I Grabbed At First

Unopened Box Of "64 Crayon Colors" Turns Out To Just Be Orange

This Box Of Chocolates. They Didn't Even Taste That Good!

This Olive Oil I Bought Wasn't Even Cheap

My Wife Bought Some Pencils For Our Elementary School Where We Teach English In South Korea. Then She Opened The Box

That Could Have Been A Bad Choice

My Life Is A Lie

Hate To See Waste In Packaging And Also Feel Like They Are Trying To Trick Me So I Feel Value. Please Make Bottle The Size Of Product!

Toss Me A Cold One, Will Ya?

This Antivirus Software My Dad Bought Is Literally An Empty Case With A Code On The Back

This Packaging

Density Of Pepperonis Visible Through Pizza Box Window Is An Inaccurate Representation Of Whole-Pizza Coverage

Great Taste, Not So Great Packaging

Very Disappointing And Misleading Packaging

Scumbag Hillshire Farms

They Package Oranges In Red Mesh To Make Them Appear More Orangier

Cranberry Chocolate

When You Put Mustard In Your Tea





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