30 Funny ‘Starter Pack’ Memes That Fit The Stereotype

We all know that the starter pack is an internet meme meant to explain or illustrate a stereotypical person, place, culture, object, or opinion. It’s a meme that gives you total and complete freedom to boil an idea, subculture, identity, or experience down to its core. You can create a ‘starter pack’ for every mood, job, experience, and even decade-specific memory.

It all started in 2014 with a subreddit,  r/Starterpacks. It’s an online society that has already collected almost 1.8 million members.

#1 Things My Cat Will Drink Out Of


#2 Science Lab In A Movie Starter Pack


#3 Things We All Did As Kids Starter Pack


#4 Real Man In 2020 Starterpack



#5 Things I Thought Were Huge Problems When I Was A Kid Starter Pack


 #6 The “I’m Not Getting The Vaccine Because I Don’t Know What’s In It” Starter Pack:


#7 Sadistical Torturer Starter Pack


#8 Having A Nap Starter Pack




#9 The Fun Weekend Trip With Friends Starterpack


#10 The “I Didn’t Mean To Open That” Starter Pack


#11 The Shoes You Wear, When Your Mom Tells You To Take Out The Trash Starterpack


#12 Empty Wrapping Paper Tube Starter Pack



#13 Growing Up With Siblings Starter Pack


#14 Short Fingernails Starter Pack


#15 Unaffordable In America Starter Pack


#16 Dad Checking In On You During A Depressive Episode Starter Pack



#17 Survivors In An Apocalyptic Horror Movie Starter Pack


#18 You Starter Pack


#19 “Where Cats Like To Throw Up” Starter Pack


#20 The “Thanks For Helping Me Move” Starter Pack



#21 The “This Isn’t Black!” Starter Pack


#22 Ordering From Amazon Starter Pack


#23 Totally Original And Witty Movie Dialogue Starter Pack


#24 The Military Woman In Movies Starter Pack



#25 Things People Like To Feel Weirdly Superior About Starter Pack


#26 Staring Out The Car Window Starter Pack


#27 The “Poor People Are Just Lazy” Starter Pack


#28 The Late 20’s Divorced Woman Starter Pack



#29 The Crew Of A Spaceship In A Movie Starter Pack


#30 “Sure, I Can Text And Drive At The Same Time” Starterpack


#31 ‘the Groom’s Totally Original Wedding Photo Idea’ Starter Pack


#32 High School Photographer Starter Pack



#33 The Greek Restaurant Starter Pack


#34 Tracing A Call In A 90s Movie Starterpack


#35 The ‘You Haven’t Lived Til You’ve Backpacked Through South-East Asia’ Starter Pack


#36 1960s American Scientist In A Film Starter Pack



#37 Random Chinese Girl In Hollywood Movies Starter Pack


#38 The “You Missed The Point By Idolizing Them” Starter Pack


#39 The “Sophisticated Villain In A Movie” Starter Pack


#40 Scientist In A Movie Explaining How A Wormhole Works Starterpack



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