30 Hilarious Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Canada

Most of the world associate Canada with maple syrup, good attitude, and again some more maple syrup. But the truth is… the country stereotypes aren’t that far from the truth, actually. Just with a few extra weird details. Like, super social moose or civil police officers.

Here are some of such examples:

Meanwhile In Canada

The Things You See In A Northern Canadian Town

Canadian Police Clash With Citizens

Found A Pretty Cool Hat At A Local Store Today

Police In Montreal Are Protesting A Labor Dispute By Not Wearing Their Work PantsChristmas In Canada Is Difficult Sometimes

We’re Living 3 Seasons At Once Right Now (September 15, 2018)Canadians Are Notorious For Being KindHonest Canadian Commuters. The Workers Were Missing And The Automatic Gates Were Broken. This Is The Result

Police Officer Stops To Buy A Drink From A Little Girl At A Lemonade Stand In Kenora, ON, Canada

Canadian Victims Of TheftCanadian Police On The Job

Everything About This Says CanadaThis Moose Literally Followed Me HomeCanadian Police Officers Meditating Before They Start Their DayMeanwhile In Montreal

That’s A Decent Reason To Not Drop The Package Off At My DoorCanadian Parking Ticket

Grocery Store In Summerside, PEI (Canada) Has "Sensory Friendly Shopping"Most Canadian Thing EverA Sign You're Marching In CanadaThis Is What Happens When A Canadian Parks In Your SpotPeople In Toronto Made Memorial For Dead Raccoon After City Forgot To Pick It Up For 12 HrsThis Bathroom Graffiti Is PositiveBy Quite Aggressive We Just Mean They Become A Hell SpawnAn Officer Saw A Toddler Driving His Truck, Pull Him Over & Gave Him His First Ticket. Fort McMurray, CanadaIn Canada, Even The Robbers Are PolitePolice Stop At A Canadian Half Marathon

Canadian GraffitiHow To Tell You're In Canada

And Meanwhile, In Canada

Happy Canada Day! Here Is The Most Canadian Photo I Ever Took

Canada At Its FinestOnly In Canada




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