30 Pictures of Companies Took ‘Inspiration’ From World Known Brands

Go to Rome, Madrid, London or any of the major capital in Europe at least, and you’ll see the knockoffs all over the place. Products of suspicious origin, (usually Chinese) with names like Adadis, Ray-Ben, Louis Button and Calvim Klain, which are displayed on mats on the pavement for easy transportation if any police happen to be in the area. Here we have some photos of such people taking inspiration from famous brands.


Had To Do A Double Take

I Saw This Movie Once


When Hollywood Steals Your Idea

Nothing Is Possible In China

Found This In Vietnam. Beautiful

These Knockoff Jordans Gave Michael A Great Ass

Just Yelp For Help

Looks A Bit... Phoney Doesn't It

Why Get The North Face When You Can Get The Huge Mountain

Found In Costa Rica

I Love These

Finally, A Brand That Totally Represents My View Towards Life

I Choose You, Chikapu!

Infinitiy War Is The Biggest Crossover Event In Histor-


Another Great Find In China

The New Spinoff Sounds Delicious

Watch Out Microsoft, Michael Bindows Is Comming

My Friend And I Died Laughing In The Store - Seen In Taiwan

Would You Like A Oreo? Nah I'd Rather Have A

Just Visited The New Mall That Opened Recently And Saw This Beauty

Trans Boy

LaundryGender Equality Meets Retro Gaming

Can’t Decide Where To Buy From

I Found A Japanese Knockoff Of The Movie “It”

Ordered This From A Chinese Company On Amazon And Thought You Would Like It




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