33 Halloween Costumes You Should Never, Ever Wear

Halloween is right around the corner and everyone is going in circles on what they should wear for this years’ festivities.

Many women either do things like wearing a hot bunny costume or do a cute thing with their BFF, and guys try to dress up in the most ridiculous suits ever, but then there are some people who simply take it too far by crossing boundaries. In today’s world, it is very easy to point out someone who is wearing a very offensive costume and with the help of the internet, they will last you for days (or even years) for it. So, we wanted to remind you guys a few costume ideas that you should reconsider wearing before pissing anyone off.

1. The Klu Klux Klan:

Yes, people still think this is funny to wear for Halloween, but times have been extremely sensitive to racism – so think again before your wear that disgusting hoodie.

2. Being ‘Anna Rexia’:

There’s a costume being sold around called ‘Anna Rexia’ & by the looks of it and the pun of the name, the entire outfit is basically making out a laugh on women with anorexia. Not Okay.

3. Malaysia Airline Crew/ 911 Victims:

It’s one thing to dress up as dead people or zombies, but mocking a tragedy is horrible.

4. JFK & Jackie Kennedy being shot:

Again, do not think that playing dress up as a dead president with his distressed wife would make you look cool, you just look like a douche bag.

5. Adult Droopers Costume:

Many women will find this extremely uncomfortable. it’ll cause insecurities on others.

6. Rihanna & Chris Brown:

Domestic abuse should NOT be made fun of. This is sick.

7. Ray Rice & His Wife:

You’re literally a f*cking asshole if you even dare to try this.

8. A homeless person:

An individual’s financial crisis shouldn’t be a laughing stock.



10. The Wall:

This is highly offensive towards immigrants. DON’T.

11. Sexy Shooter Happy Hour:

Um, it’s just sexist and racist all in one.

12. The Williams Sisters (In Blackface):

It’s totally fine to dress up as the Williams sisters, BUT do not do blackface because you will piss off a lot of women of color. DON’T BE THAT ASSHOLE. Never change your race for a costume.

13.Fat Stripper Costume

You & I both know what the f*ck is wrong with this costume.

14. “Call Me Caitlyn” costume:

Making fun of the transgender community is never okay, especially mocking a person who had a hard time coming out.

15. Hitler & Anne Frank:

Yes, you and your BFF should do a cool couple costume, BUT just not this one.

16. …Even worse.. ‘Baby Hitler’

Yeah. Don’t be that mother.

17. A Muslim Terrorist:

Stereotyping will get you punched in the face.

18. Post Pregnant Teenager:

This is only disturbing.

19. Trouser Snake Charmer:

NO. NO. It’s like the genie costume – you’re insulting an entire community of people.

20. Missing Child Milk Carton:

This is literally a smack to the face to any distressed parent living in this nightmare every day.

21. Sexy Geishas:

Respect someone’s culture. You don’t think it’ll trigger someone but it will.

22. Rub Me Genie:

No one wants to rub you anywhere.

23. Fat Hulu Dancer:

Dissing a culture & people who are overweight? Please, you could find something else.

24. Sexy Ebola Costume:

Did you know people have died from it? Yeah, it’s like wearing an HIV costume – not funny.

25. Blow Up Doll costume:

This is disgusting on so many levels.

26.Wet T-Shirt Costume

I like how the costume has huge boobs (sarcasm) … NO.

27. Down For The Count costume:

Again, you’re an ASSHOLE.

28. A Bloody Tampon:

This is bloody ridiculous.

29. Adult Rasta Banana costume:


30. Everything Is Bigger In Texas:

I will personally rip the costume off myself.

31. Dream Catcher costume:

Some people will consider this to be culturally offensive, so find something else.

32. Day of the Dead costume:

Like the dream catcher costume, it’s culturally offensive.

33. Roofies:

Do I even need to say it?



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