39 Genius Food Swaps To Lose Weight Fast

Nutrition guru and blogger Amanda Meixner have created a tremendous social media following on these smart choices. Using a simple, easy to understand formula based on attractive infographics and fascinating comparisons, her information, and expert diet tips have proved to be a huge hit on Instagram, where she has over 700k followers.

“Small tweaks add up!” She writes. “These changes will not only save your waistline but also your health.” Because we make several food choices each day, Amanda encourages a thoughtful and organized approach. Instead of chips, go for popcorn for a salty snack. Drink black coffee instead of sugar-laden lattes. Dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Prepare meals in advance, so you don’t end up snacking on the go because you have nothing else. All very basic stuff really.

Love To Make Smart Food Choices590 Cals Vs 590 CalsStarting A New Diet Like"I’ll Take Any Excuse To Eat More Chocolate"Because Feeling Good Also Means Treating Yourself To The Food That You WantThese Swaps Will Not Only Save Your Waistline But Also Your HealthWhich One Would You Choose? The Calories And Macros Only Paint A Part Of The Picture. Really The Hidden Ingredients And Chemicals Are The True Bad Guys In This Situation Some Healthy Swaps To Add To Your Nutrition Routine White Rice Vs. Brown Rice This Easy Snack Hack“I Regret Eating Clean.” - Said No One EverA Healthy LifestyleThe Real Question Is How Do You Want To Feel?While Bullet Proof Coffee Is A Fine Choice To Have In Your Nutrition Routine, You Definitely Can’t Count That Concoction As Calorie FreeIf You’re Trying To Improve Your Health, Small Changes Definitely Make A Difference Over TimeDid You Know Sugar Has Been Shown To Be More Addictive Than Cocaine? And When You Try To Kick Your Processed Sugar Habit, You’ll Actually Experience Dopamine Depletion And Sugar WithdrawalsStarbucks SwapSugar Vs. SugarWant To Lose Weight Without Counting Calories? Here Are Some Easy Swaps To Help You Head In That Direction..Eat More, Weigh LessHere Are Some More Tweaks You Can Make To Your Nutrition RoutineIf You Want To Lose Weight Without Counting Calories, These Hacks Come In HandyCalorie Dense Vs. Nutrient DenseHealthy SwapsAn Illustration Of How You Could Go Right With Your TacoFlour Tacos Vs Lettuce WrapsNot All Sugary Foods Are Created Equal Reasons Cut The CrackersWhich Would You Pick?Healthy Swaps Really Add UpWhich One Would You Pick?Small Changes Add Up To Big ResultsBecause Small Choices Add UpBecause Small Tweaks Can Really Add UpLook At The BenefitsSmall Changes Add UpBecause Peanut Butter Jelly Is The JamNoodles Comparison Per 1-Cup Serving



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