4 Things That Can Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

Most people would love the idea of having a large, luxurious bathroom that reminds you more of the spa than a simple home bathroom. However, the type of renovation that it would take to turn most standard bathrooms into a spa-like retreat generally costs a pretty penny. If you are not quite in the financial situation where you can support such a reno, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your dream of having a spa-like retreat right in your own home.

There are some simple, cost-effective options that are available to those who want to give themselves a spa-like experience at home. Here are four such things that can go a long way to making your bathroom at home feel just like a spa.


1. Luxurious Towels

Any time that you visit a spa, one of the best things that you get to enjoy is the soft, fluffy towels that are supplied to you. You can easily invest in your own set of luxurious towels so that you can enjoy the same level of comfort every time your step out of the shower or out of the tub. While towels of such quality are a bit on the expensive side, they are still more affordable than an entire bathroom remodel. Moreover, you can download a great Bed Bath and Beyond coupon to help you afford those luxurious towels.


2. Scented Candles

Your trip to the spa officially begins when you walk into the facility and take the smell of the unique and fresh scents of the spa. Aromas like eucalyptus and lavender greet you as you walk through the door starting off your time of rest and relaxation. You can find some lovely scented candles that smell just like a spa. Any time you want to create a spa-like experience at home, simply light your candles for ten or fifteen minutes before you start your treatments.


3. Soft Bathroom Mats

When you step into your spa-like retreat, you want to feel the luxury right from the tips of your toes. In order for you to be able to step into relaxation, you will want to purchase a set of soft, luxurious bathroom mats for your bathroom. With the right mats, it will feel just like you are stepping onto a cloud every time you walk into your bathroom. This will start your spa-like experience off on the right foot every time.


4. A Few Small Plants

One thing that can take your spa experience to the next level is to bring in some fresh greenery in the form of a few small plants. By bringing in some plants, you can feel like you are relaxing in nature while you enjoy some of your favorite treatments. You can also consider using some aromatic plants like eucalyptus or some that are frequently used as ingredients in spa treatments like aloe vera. A touch of nature will help your at-home spa retreat make you feel just like you are at a real spa.



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