4 Ways To Entertain Your Kids When Moving

Moving with your kids can be fun, but on the other side of the coin, it can also become very challenging. Moving from one location to another will require you to scout for different cross country movers and compare their services. You also have to pack your valuables, adjust to your new neighborhood, and, most importantly, ensure that your kids cooperate throughout the move.

Moving can be a great learning experience for kids, but for adults like you, it can be a headache. Kids can get out of hand, and oftentimes, managing them can become very tough. This is especially true if you’re going to move with more than one toddler. The more kids you have in your house, the more challenging your upcoming move will be.

Aside from hiring the best moving company Manhattan, your upcoming move can become easier if you follow these tips to entertain your kids:


1. Hire A Babysitter

As mentioned, you will have a lot of tasks to accomplish before, during, and after your moving day. If you’re going to move to another country, for example, you’ll have to carefully pack all of your valuables, label your moving boxes and keep track of all of these during transport. You don’t want any of these to get lost during the move, right?

To make things easier for you, hire a babysitter to look after your kids as you’re accomplishing these tasks. Aside from keeping your kids entertained, a babysitter will allow you to finish all of your moving-related tasks in the soonest time possible.


2. Let Them Play In The Backyard

If you don’t want any of your kids to get in the way of the move, allow them to play during the moving day. This is especially important if you’re eyeing to hire professional help on the day of your move. Depending on your kids’ ages, you can leave them with their toys in your backyard or let them play on their own.

If you have pets, you can also let your kids play with them. If you’re not confident in leaving them all by themselves, you can ask your friends and family to look after them.


3. Let Your Children Pack A “First Night” Box To Keep Them Busy

While kids are very energetic and like to play, others are old enough to carry out tasks on their own. If your kids belong to the latter, consider letting them pack a first night box in order to keep them busy. This can keep them interested in the move and ensure that you can still have enough energy to work on your own.

Their “first-night” box can include some of their essentials such as clothes, toys, books, and toiletries. You can create a list for them and let them pack the items themselves. You’ll be surprised how creative and silent your kids will be when you give them this task!


4. Take Your Kids On One Last Walk Around The Neighborhood

One of the most obvious reasons why kids do not like to move is because they will miss their current neighborhood. If you have been living in the same area for decades, your kids might have built friendships that allowed them to stay comfortable in the neighborhood.

To help your kids’ transition easier and ensure that they do not resent the move, accompany them to walk around the neighborhood one last time. Depending on your budget and schedule, you can arrange a playdate with the kids around the area for the very last time. You can even invite their parents for a meal in your home that will also serve as your going-away party.


Knowledge Is Power

If you’re worried about how you’re going to manage your kids when moving, use this article as your guide. It’ll be very easy to move with your kids and make the experience more memorable if you know the necessary strategies! 



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