40 “DIY WHY” Projects That Made Us Question, WHY!?

There are so many random videos on the internet motivated you to try those easy-looking DIY projects. Let’s be honest with ourselves, after looking at those instructional videos, it seems like everything could be made at your home. However, the reality is completely opposite. In this post, we have gathered a list of 40 ”DIY WHY” projects that probably should have never occurred. ‘DiWHY’ is the name of a popular subreddit with many million followers, that’s packed with handcrafted fails. Continue scrolling and enjoy. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends who easily get motivated by looking at random videos.


#1 Bumper Rockery

#2 Something I Found On Twitter


#3 This Great Wall Of China


#4 This Mailbox



#5 Feeling Insecure About How Unoriginal And Boring Your Bathroom Tile Grout Is? Want To Make A Statement? Simply Just Cover It Up With Some Glitter Glue!


#6 This Toilet Seat Cover


#7 I’m Scared


#8 My Uncle’s Christmas Tree



#9 I Made A Candle From The Wax Casing Of Baby Bel Cheeses…


#10 When You Want The Person Overtaking Behind You Have A Heart Attack


#11 Porcelain With Handpainted Ants


#12 “Can You Pass The Salt Before It Falls Into The Trough Again Please”



#13 This Guy Built A Mini-Door Complete With Doorknob Into The Front Door At The Place He’s Renting, For His Cat Stanley


#14 I Made A Ram Guitar Pick


#15 Liam Nissan


#16 Excuse Me I Need To Ride My Piece Of Wood To School



#17 5 Minute Craft


#18 Real Fake Doors


#19 I Hate It But Kind Of Like It!


#20 Excuse Me What



#21 Ice Cream Bowl


#22 Thought It Belonged Here


#23 Just Saw This On Twitter


#24 Good Lord



#25 It’s Not A Crack House, It’s A Crack Home


#26 I Never Thought I’d See Anything Like This In My Own Town


#27 My 9 Year Old Daughter Bedazzled Our Remote. It’s Very Pretty But Quite Challenging To Find The Button You Need


#28 That Is An Actual Piece Of Bread.. Covered In Cement, Being Used As A Table Coaster



#29 Please Don’t Try This


#30 Why Just Why


#31 Found My First Wild… Scorpion?


#32 My Mom Tried To Make A Cane For My Dad



#33 Hmmm


#34 Came Across This Picture And Wanted To Share


#35 A Woman On My Timeline Has A “Remote Stick”, Because Her Family Loses The TV Remote So Often


#36 Jesus Christ



#37 Made A Watermelonboy And Tested It Out In Public

#38 Incognito Barefoot “Shoes”


#39 This Showed Up At My Work Today. It’s Hand Made From Old Cans Of Fanta


#40 Impossible To Clean!





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