5 Comedy Movies With Lighter Side Of Casinos

There are a bunch of great movies that aren’t about gambling but have amazing gambling scenes. I love comedy movies which are not involving teens, drugs or gore. with my 3 deductions I know there is not much comedy left from the Hollywood. I have start watching Ash vs Evil Dead, which is quite good it is humorous original and a lot to offer with a hint of OBSCENE amount of gore.

Here is my list of 5 movies which shows us the lighter side of casinos in comedy movies.


5. Toy Story 3: Roulette Action With Some Animation

Toy Story 3

When I went to the movie theater to watch the Toy Story 3 with a mind set to see a comedy animated movie, I wasn’t expecting to see a gambling scene in a children’s movie. But Pixar surprised me with a brilliant scene that parents can get a huge kick out of while their kids watch a fun movie.

All the toys at the preschool are gathered together around a See ‘N Say, betting on where the spinner will stop. The octopus wins when it lands on the duck, and in my favorite twist, the Mood Changing Chuck bumps his head to change his face from happy to mad. This is one of the best examples of friendly gambling, at-least from the movies.


4. Austin Powers: Power blackjack

Austin Powers

Mike Myers plays off the British secret agent genre brilliantly in the Austin Powers series, It is not my own of the favorite movies because I don’t like so much Mojo in the movie. But, it is the best original film’s blackjack scene. Number Two, played by Robert Wagner, ignores the dealer’s advice and hits on 17, knowing that he’ll get 21 after seeing the next card through his eye patch x-ray vision.

“I like to live dangerously,” he says to Powers more than to the dealer.

Powers responds by staying on 5, once again, against the dealer’s suggestion, stating, “I also like to live dangerously.” The dealer has 20, so Powers loses.

The actor playing the dealer clearly never received any training watch the clip to see how awkwardly he flips the cards over, and Number Two is asked if he wants to hit before Powers even receives his second card.


3. Honeymoon In Vegas: One Of The Best Cinematic Gambling Lesson

Honeymoon In Vegas

Honeymoon in Vegas. It is a Nicholas Cage movie. This is must be a news to you as it is. Shockingly it’s absolutely amazingly fun. The movie is basically a romantic comedy, but it also deals a bit with issues like making promises you can’t keep, having a relationship with one’s mother, being a bad gambler and not being able to back up your bet with your cards. I am not into the movies which stars Nicholas Cage or Sarah Jessica Parker but still for some weird and disturbing reason I like this one or I should never drink Japanese beer.

The adventure begins with Jack Singer (Nicholas Cage) promising his mother that he will love her forever and, due to that fact, will never ever get married. This brings to light the usual emotional issues we have come to expect from a Cage character. after few years Cage being a bit pressured into marriage by his girlfriend, Betsy (Jessica Parker). After being torn between his promise to his late mother and the love for his girlfriend, Jack finally decides to forego the former and make Betsy his wife and this happens no where else then Vegas.

But before they can get married and visit the casino, a very rich gambler and who is a professional one as well, Tommy Korman ( James Cann ) takes a fancy to Betsy, who looks very much like Tommy’s late wife, How original. He doesn’t take long to come up with an evil plan to take her away from Cage’s character. To complete his evil plan he invites Jack to a fixed poker game and makes him believe he can win and most of us think that way after winning $10. With a straight flush to the jack, Singer bets a huge amount, only to find out that Tommy has a straight flush to the queen. With an impossible debt of $65,000, Jack becomes desperate and the solution to come out of this shit storm?  Tommy conveniently arranges to settle the debt if he can borrow Jack’s girlfriend for the weekend.

It was promised no sex will be involved in this venture. But things get complicated beyond this point and Jack has to go through a heap of trouble in order to finally get his happy ending. The movie in itself is a journey, from the bad kind of gambling that got Cage into trouble, to gambling even with his life to get back what he loves most. So, without telling you more about the movie I should again press on the matter that you should watch this movie. It is a nerve wrecking adventure and acting is quite good, If you can believe it.


2.What Happens In Vegas: Bit Of Gambling And Lots Of Love

What Happens In Vegas

If you are looking for a good romantic comedy that’s connected to Las Vegas and gambling, you don’t need to look any further than What Happens in Vegas. It is one of the best Ashton Kutcher movie and Cameron Diaz was spot on in the movie. The couple who gets together due to extraordinary circumstances but ends up falling in love. If you didn’t see the movie I recommend you should, it is a fun movie and on a lighter note. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. That famous catchphrase has melted into the Las Vegas gambling scene.

The lovey couple took a trip to Vegas. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, as so many of us have taken that road when life has treated us unkindly. Due to a mix-up at the hotel, Joy (Diaz) and Jack (Kutcher) have to share a room. They enjoyed upgraded room and some lavish facilities in the hotel.

As we have seen in movies earlier because I never met anyone who thought it was a good idea to get married after being hammered with drinks, I like to pass out not getting married, However, The couple did the exact mistake and before they act on getting a divorce, Joy gives Jack a quarter so he can try his luck at the slots of the casino. As it turns out, a gambling miracle occurs and Jack manages to win 3 million dollars. She quickly reminds him that they are still husband and wife, so she should get half the money. Plot thickens, isn’t it.

I won’t spoil the movie anymore for you but most of the movie action happens during this time and it is all extremely funny and well made, Getting drunk and having a wild night is basically what most singles do in Vegas or maybe that is why Vegas was built in the first place. There isn’t a lot of gambling done in the movie, but the hotel and casino concept is very prominent but there can be serious consequences if you’re not careful, So stay sober and stay safe.


1. The Hangover: Movie That Shows The Fun Side Of Vegas

The Hangover

The Hangover (2009) is one of the best comedies I know, Just the first movie rest come after it — is all crap. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should not call yourself a movie buff or someone who appreciate good comedies… It’s just about 100 minutes of one laugh after another. However, never think that just because the first movie was great, you should also see the rest of the series, because you really shouldn’t. The Hangover 2 (2011) brings absolutely nothing new into the franchise and you will feel like you are seeing the same movie all over again only in a worse way and don’t get me started on the later movie.

The guys stay at Caesar’s Palace, one of the most luxurious casino and hotel complexes in Las Vegas, If you ever visited Las Vegas you should know this, It is the hotel where you took your selfie. However, actual gambling doesn’t really rise to prominence in the plot until the later stages of the movie, when the guys need to do it in order to recover some gangster money they apparently misplaced. They take advantage of Alan’s card counting skills to win the money at a blackjack table. Don’t try to do this in real life because security in Las Vegas is as tight as you’ll ever going to encounter and you don’t want to be in the sticky situation of getting caught counting cards, Yes they are even trained for that.

Movie portrayed exactly what happens inside a casino in Vegas. It also shows how just about everything there is about size, or rather huge. You get big casinos, slots and gaming tables, you get some brilliant stand up shows as well as fights (Not bar fights) but Boxing and sometimes Magic shows. If you are not planning to go to Las Vegas anytime soon but want to enjoy some classic slot gambling to try your luck in this Holiday season then you should head to All Slots Casino, Which offers quite entertaining mode of entertainment from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy.



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