5 Insanely Difficult Games That Only Smart People Can Play

Sometimes finding the solution to your most challenging problem is satisfaction which cannot be compared to anything else around. So, when you start finding your average puzzle and strategy games you end up with some tedious and not tough enough games as per your brainpower. Then, this is the time you need to search for such games that were specifically made for people with genius minds. The developers made those games without thinking about whether people will have fun or not until they will squeeze all their brainpower into the game to beat the level.

If you are one of those people who keeps challenging their brains, then this list of games will keep you busy flexing your mental muscles.


Cogs is a creative and challenging puzzle game in which the players have to build machines out of sliding tiles. The increasing level of difficulty teamed with a lack of hint set-up challenges the brains of genius and skilled puzzle gamers. There are three different modes you can play in. Starts with Inventor Mode which is its own hardest level still if you manage to beat all 50 levels then you can play them again with hard-to-clear Time Challenge Mode and Move Challenging Mode.


Lumosity is a brain training game that offers sixty-plus brain games that challenges your speed, memory, attention, and problem-solving skills. In addition to this, Lumosity games also contain a collection of calculation and estimation games. You can also play games that target your vocabulary skills. The game is well-known and used by almost eighty-five million people worldwide. You can compare your results with your friend’s results and other people playing the game. You can track and compare your current score with your previous score to see improvement over time. It is such a clever game that you can play it for months trying to beat it by using your own cleverness. To look for more interesting games like this one, click here.

Fit Brains Trainer

Rosetta Stone has created this amazing brain training game that challenges your cognitive and emotional intelligence. The game is also ranked #1 education app in more than nine hundred countries. What will be better than playing a customized science-based brain training game for your brain’s daily exercise? Fit Brains trainer challenges the speed, and focus of your memory and arouses your emotional intelligence.


Can you infect the whole world? Plague.Inc is a game mixed with strategy and horrifying realistic actions. The players have to develop a deadly pathogen in an effort to clean humanity out. After your pathogen infects the “patient zero” you can develop it so that it can survive everything humans use to defend against pathogens. If you managed to beat the normal difficulty try Mega Brutal in which the doctors will stop curing the diseases.


This is an adventurous challenging puzzle game that will break your mental muscles. Even playing the easy quests to find simple items will need you to go to long lengths and travel in the past in order to squeeze into the future and get what you want. You are required to solve every level in a specific way so it cannot be played as an ordinary puzzle game.

Gaming is not just an addictive source of entertainment but it has numerous benefits that help in the development of cognitive skills in both children and adults. The above-mentioned few games are that you may find interesting, install them and entertain yourself.




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