5 Must-See Locations in Las Vegas for Sports Lovers

Sports and Las Vegas go hand-in-hand. In fact, some would go as far as to say that Vegas drives the outcome of many sporting games. From the sports bars to sports betting to the thousands of televisions playing live sports at any given moment, if you’re a sports lover, Vegas is one place you’ll want to cross off of your bucket list.

Worried about missing your favorite games while on vacation? Have no fear if you’re traveling to Vegas! Here are 5 must-see locations if you’re a serious sports lover.

1. Blondie’s at Miracle Mile Shops

What more could a sports lover want than being able to spend time at a top-notch Las Vegas sports bar? Everyone loves a good sports bar when they can eat good food and sip on good drinks while cheering on their favorite team. There are dozens of sports bars in Vegas but there are some that are absolute must-visits.

Blondie’s at Miracle Mile Shops is one of the most exciting sports bars in Vegas. The crowd can get a little rowdier than most bars, but this makes it all the more fun on football Sundays. While watching the games not only can you eat and drink, there’s also beer pong to play during those long commercial breaks.

The bar touts that it offers the biggest happy hour in all of Vegas. Combined with the cheerleading servers, who wouldn’t want to watch sports at Blondies?

2. SCORE! Interactive Sports Exhibit

One of the newest sports-based additions to Las Vegas is SCORE!, a 10,000 square-foot sports exhibit that offers more than 200 pieces of sports memorabilia worth millions of dollars. SCORE! offers sports items that date back to the 20th century such as the 1981 Heisman Trophy, World Series trophies, and a diverse collection of game jerseys from a variety of sports.

SCORE! allows you to experience various sports halls of fame in a single location. While touring the exhibit you’ll see items from the hockey HOF, basketball, baseball, pro football, and even Team USA soccer.

Aside from looking at one-of-a-kind sports items, you can also participate in one of the many “Be the Legend” challenges. Here you can show off your speed pitch, your pit stop abilities, or even figure out just how high your vertical leap is.

3. Try Your Shot at Sports Betting

Las Vegas is well-known for its casinos where not only can you play cards and slots for hours on end, you can also legally sports bet. While you can bet on weekly games like football or basketball, you’ll likely find more thrill in betting during the Super Bowl or March Madness, so be sure to plan your trip wisely!

Since there are dozens of casinos on and off The Strip, you likely want to know which ones are the most ideal for sports betting. Top options for putting your bets on your favorite teams include:

  • Mandalay Bay Sports Book
  • ARIA Race & Sports Book
  • Caesars Palace Race & Sports Book
  • MGM Grand Race & Sports Book

At these casinos, your eyes can feast on plenty of televisions playing the most important games of the day. Sports betting can be fun but also a little risky. Be sure to eat and drink plenty to ease the pain of luck not being on your side!

4. Watch a Live Boxing Match

Las Vegas is most loved for its wide range of entertainment. While you can find live concerts and comedy shows, you can also spend some time ringside watching boxers go punch for punch until the bell rings. You’ll want to look at MGM’s entertainment line up to determine if there’s a boxing match available during your trip. If so, be sure to book seats immediately as they tend to sell out sooner rather than later!

5. Visit Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame

If you’ve ever wanted to step foot inside of a true sports hall of fame, you can do so while in Vegas. The Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame recognizes athletes from the local region in both community sports and professional sports.

This is a great experience to celebrate the success of athletes who have paved their way to notable achievements in their sport.

As a sports lover, Las Vegas offers a wide range of places to see and things to experience to keep your sports-loving fire burning just as bright. If you’re heading to Vegas in the near future, be sure to stop at these locations to get a true taste of Vegas sports up close and personal.



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