5 Reasons Why Naruto and Hinata Are Not Relationship Goals

As much as we love to geek out on Naruto and his particular running style, it can’t be ignored that there are problems with his relationship with Hinata. From how it was rushed to how distant Naruto can be with Hinata, here are five reasons why they don’t define the perfect relationship goals.

We understand all relationships need work, and no two relationships are alike. Having said that, seeing these two go from small kids to being married with kids have left us with many questions and a few things we aren’t comfortable with.


1.  How Hinata and Naruto Felt About Each Other   

We spent most of the show seeing how Naruto likes Sakura. He was oblivious to how Hinata felt about him. Hinata, on the other hand, developed strong feelings for him as soon as she met him. Feelings she harbored for years without telling him. All of this seems a little one-sided.

To add to that, Hinata helps Naruto in the exam, makes him a new scarf, and does everything she can to help him. By doing all of this, she sets herself up to be disappointed.

Whenever there is an imbalance of affection between two people, someone usually gets hurt.

As if all of these things were too subtle for our hero, Hinata even faints when she sees Naruto. This alone is enough to make anyone question why she gets so worked up whenever she sees him. Not our hero though, he remains blissfully unaware as to why this girl is literally fainting around him.


2.  Sakura

While Hinata was liking Naruto from afar, he was busy crushing on Sakura. This wouldn’t have been so bad had Sakura not been around Naruto only because she couldn’t get Sasuke’s affection.

It seems as though all the characters in this show are not emotionally mature enough to know what they want, and how to get it. The only exception is Hinata. She stays true to her feelings and doesn’t put herself first. She lets Naruto go after Sakura.

Granted, the mature thing to do is not to try and control anyone, especially someone you have a crush on. However, we feel that seeing all of these characters going after what they want should have taught Hinata to be a bit more calculative.

Hinata could even have stopped doing so many things for Naruto, but it’s just part of her personality.


3.  All the Fangirls Chasing After Naruto

Like any hero, Naruto also plenty of fans. We can accept that. Though when your fans are young women running after you and showering you with gifts, the situation changes.

Hinata, being the saint that she is, isn’t the jealous type. But we’re jealous of her. Instead of Naruto even noticing her, he spends time opening these gifts.

We can’t imagine how Hinata didn’t even feel the slightest bit of pain seeing Naturo indulging in other people’s adoration. If it were us, we’d ninja kick those girls and hold Naruto by the throat and tell him how we really felt about him.


4.  Naruto Acting Ignorant at Convenient Times

It is Sakura who tells Hinata how clueless Naruto is when it comes to feelings. It’s odd though, as Naruto most certainly is clueless to Hinata’s feelings but he’s spot on to notice that Sakura doesn’t like him.

It’s rather annoying that his ability to read an emotional situation seems to shut down from time to time.

Emotional intelligence isn’t selective. If you are mature enough to understand the signs that someone doesn’t like you, you are also mature enough to understand the signs that someone else does.

Hinata doesn’t hide the fact that she likes Naruto. She just isn’t as forward as Naruto is about liking Sakura. It could be said that maybe the act of being forward is the only way Naruto understands emotions.

If that were the case, then surely he’d notice a girl fainting for him. But our Naruto conveniently doesn’t get it.

Hinata, being shy, could not have picked a worse person to have fallen in love with.


5.  Naruto and Hinata Don’t Communicate

No, we’re not talking about expressing your feelings. They have a handful of conversations throughout the series. Notable ones are at the Chunin exam, where Hinata lets Naruto copy off her. Another conversation is after Neji’s death.

Though the show gives us enough information to understand that Hinata has a deep belief in Naruto. Her belief is so strong that even when Naruto doesn’t believe in himself anymore, she’s willing to do anything to take him out of that self-doubt.

These conversations are heartwarming and give us another glimpse into why the show has been so popular. Having said all that, for them to be a couple we needed more of these conversations. Or at least more conversations between them in general.

Relationships between two people are never perfect. As people themselves are not perfect. If there is a lesson to take away from this, then it’s to not be like Hinata. We’re not suggesting that you don’t care about others or stay true to yourself – what we’re saying is to practice self-control.

It’s vital to control your feelings. They shouldn’t matter to you so much that you faint when seeing them. Especially if this person doesn’t even know you like them and you don’t know how they feel about you. You might be setting yourself up for pain and suffering.

Hinata got her happy ending though. However, those who watch this show should not expect it to happen to them, too. You need to be able to express your emotions, first to yourself, and then to the person you like.

Being happy depends on a lot of things, one of them is having the person you like actually likes you back. Others include standing up for what you believe in, being able to appreciate the good in other people, and finally accepting yourself and others for who they are.



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