6 Essentials For a Happy Love Relationship


Falling in love is pretty natural but keeping the love requires great effort. There is no doubt that the early stages of a love relationship can feel exciting and effortless, but to retain this love till the last stages requires effort and compromise by both lovers. In other words, finding love is easier but keeping up a love relationship needs a lot of hard work.

Now you might be thinking what is the key to a successful love relationship? Many experts say that relationships work on the foundation of trust, love, respect, honesty and patience. Well, there are few essentials through which you can create or find happiness in your love relationship. Read on to know them:

  • Forget the word ‘Perfect’: Many people try to seek the perfect partner for themselves. But as they say ‘No one is perfect’ and this something very true. Remember that everyone has some flaws and you just have to accept it. Also, it is the fact that finding a perfect person is impossible. So, instead of focusing on the ‘perfect’ mate, try to find someone with whom you can live happily.
  • Indulge in ‘Real Romance’: Forget those expensive gifts to express love to your partner. Do not confuse happiness of receiving a gift with feelings of romance. Remember, true love has nothing to do with gifts. No doubt that pampering someone with special gifts is a way to show love to them, there are several thoughtful ways through which you can tell a person that you truly love him/her. Say ‘I Love you’ while looking in the eyes of your lover. Offer him/her hugs and kisses every day. Also, send your partner love SMSs or texts whenever he/she is away from you. Doing such things is the best way to engage in real romance with your lover.
  • Give and Get Respect: Although, it’s not always about ‘give and take’ in a relationship, but most of the times you cannot give something to your partner that he/she is not willing to give you. When we talk about respect, give it to your lover and expect the same from him/her. Also, respect opinions and thoughts of your partner.
  • Share Money: Disputes of money are quite common in relationships. Many people keep separate bank accounts so as to maintain independence in their relationship. But it is advisable to share money with your partner. By doing so, you are making them realize that your money is theirs and vice versa.
  • Handle Disagreements Wisely: Disagreements are common between couples. Whenever you enter into argument with your lover, try to resolve it compassionately. Express your disagreements and discuss them wisely. Never ever try to raise your voice while discussing those disagreements. If arguments are not handled appropriately, they can result into screaming, name calling etc.
  • Stay Honest: Honesty is the obvious key to a happy relationship. Always be honest with your partner and do not try to hide anything from him/her. Be frank with your lover and speak up your mind whenever you feel like.

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