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Dinara Kasko is Pushing the Boundaries of Cake Design (15 Photos)

Dinara Kasko is a pastry chef and culinary artist from Ukraine who has got an enormous online following for her creative cake designs and molds. Although Dinara graduated from the Kharkov University Architecture School, she now uses her background in architectural design to produce her unbelievable cakes as she uses the 3D-modelling program, 3DSMAX, to create […]

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Bell Pepper Pizzas

Hand-held veggie pizzas with a healthy twist! These make the perfect appetizer for parties and a great healthy snack or lunch for kids! Ditch the crust and grab a bell pepper! Ingredients Vegetarian Produce 1 pinch Basil or parsley 1 Green bell pepper, large Condiments 1/4 cup Pizza or spaghetti sauce Baking & spices 1 […]

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