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How Much Exercise Needed To Burn Off Fast Food Calories

The U.S. based health website,, created a calculator to figure out how much exercise you need to burn off a fast food meal, taking menus from seven different fast food giants including McDonalds and Taco Bell. The website uses the following equation to calculate how much time and energy you would need to get […]

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Pastry Chef’s Instagram Videos Are Brutally Appetizing

Garry Larduinat is the executive pastry chef at New York’s Francois Payard Patisserie. Originally from Limoges, France, Larduinat says his favorite ingredient is passion fruit and his favorite thing to cook is a French macaron. The son of two chefs, Larduinat has amassed nearly 150,000 followers on Instagram, as he shares his delectable creations and […]

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