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21 Mouth Watering Geometric Food Gradients Created By Artist Adam Hillman

Multimedia artist Adam Hillman who is also an object arranger, whatever that is but he has amassed a tremendous following on Instagram for his bright, geometric artworks that he painstakingly arranges and then photographs. Hillman essentially uses different foods and everyday objects like crayons, utensils, and coins for his precise arrangements. Prints of his work are also available […]

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13 Creative Food Art Ideas

Every once in a while we get this urge to get creative in the kitchen, Here we have 13 creative dishes for you to try at home. 1. Sleeping Rice Bear Image credits: unknown 2. Chewbacca Noodles Image credits: 3. Eggregation Image credits: scalvert 4. Hot “Dogs” Image credits: 5. “All you need […]

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