A Delicious ‘Antipasto de los Muertos’ Salad Comes With Marinated Mozzarella Skulls

Lori Castellon of Ghoul at Heart made this delicious “Antipasto de los Muertos”, a traditional antipasto salad that comes with little skulls made out of mozzarella. This delicious salad also includes various meats and vegetables rolled and cut into beautiful shapes.

I’m taking a little detour away from all things vampire to share my Antipasto de los Muertos salad. It has all the trappings of antipasto with salami, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, pepperoncini, onions, olives, and cheese, for a fun Halloween twist. Not only is the mozzarella cut into festive skull shapes it’s marinated overnight in a super charged Italian dressing which gives it amazing flavor.

Castellon shared how to make the skulls within the recipe.

Slice the ball of mozzarella into 6 slices lengthwise. Using a 3-inch skull cookie cutter, cut out 6 skulls. Use an apple corer to cut out eyes and use a paring knife to cut a triangle out for the nose.



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