A Smart Blue Gin That Changes Color in Cocktails

Empress 1908 is a floral gin of an original indigo blue color that turns color with various ingredients. It can be used as any other gin. The only variation is that its hue will vary from a brilliant periwinkle blue into a soft lavender to a rosy pink depending on what goes into this cocktail recipe.

This beautiful blue color comes from the butterfly pea blossom, an ingredient found in herbal tea.

Butterfly pea blossom gives Empress 1908 its distinct indigo hue. …the pea blossom imbues the gin with a distinctive earthy note that balances traditional citrus notes and yields a rich pigmentation. … No artificial colours or stabilizers are used, so while the flavour will last forever, the unique indigo colour will fade over time. Fading is accelerated by exposure to sunlight, so we recommend that you experience each bottle within a year of purchase and store it in a cool, dark place.

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Hello 2020! ??✨ Anyone else as ready for this sparkling new decade as we are? – 2019 brought us many amazing milestones here at Empress 1908 – from celebrating our second birthday, distilling Batch 100, reaching 7 countries around the world and growing our little community here on Instagram to over 20,000, we have a lot to be thankful for! We can only imagine all the exciting things 2020 has in store. – Join us in toasting to the new year with our stunning signature serve and tell us who you're sipping your way into 2020 with!?? – EMPRESS & TONIC: 2oz Empress 1908 Gin 3oz Premium Tonic Water Grapefruit Slice – METHOD: Build in a copa glass on ice. Garnish with a grapefruit slice. Enjoy! – #EmpressGin

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