20 Shocking Food Comparisons From A Nutrition Coach That Will Shock You

According to personal trainer & nutrition coach Graeme Tomlinson, people can lose fat or build muscle by eating foods they enjoy, as opposed to following a restrictive diet. Nutrition, however, is a complicated and tricky topic, and anyone can get confused in the abundance of the information surrounding it. To clear things up, Tomlinson is educating his followers one Instagram post at a time, debunking a lot of popular myths along the way. Check out the 20 comparisons below which will blow your mind!

Food Industry
Here We Are Again. Talking About Obesity
Here We Are Again. Putting To Bed False Perceptions On Fat Loss
We Know That Hydration And Vitamins Are Two Things Beneficial To Us
You’re In The Supermarket. You Walk Precariously Down The Crisp Aisle (Or Chips Aisle If You’re American). “Nope, Not This Time! I Need To Lose Weight
Nutritionally Speaking, Snacking On Fruit Is Better Than Snacking On Processed Foods Of Less Nutritional Value For A Multitude Of Reasons. Nutrients. Hydration. Fibre. Vitamins... To Name A Few Reasons
Wine Is Not Bad. It Can Be Enjoyed As Part Of A Fulfilling, Healthy Diet
When Eating Out (And Eating In General) There Is A Plethora Of Misconceptions Regarding What’s ‘Good And Bad’
Mindset Is Key To Long Term Success At Anything
‘But Measuring Portions And Tracking Calorie Intake Is Boring Graeme’. Yes, It Is
I Wonder If Usain Bolt, Sir Mo Farrah, Serena Williams... Or Roger Federer Have Ever Sipped Fit Tea...
The ‘Clean Eating’ Trend Has Dominated Social Media For A While Now
Time. The Thing We Apparently Run Out Of In Abundance
‘Emotional Eating
Guilt Free Vs Guilt Free
Carbohydrates Are Vilified On A Daily Basis As Being A Direct Cause Of Weight Gain
In The Last 10-15 Years There Has Been Substantial Pressure On The Fitness Industry Consumer (Mostly People Looking To Lose Fat) To Buy Into A Particular Way Of Achieving Their Goal



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