ANIMA MUNDI New Strategy Board Game Looks Amazing

If you’re a fan of strategy board games, you should definitely check out Anima Mundi, a captivating creation by Asaeil Games. Currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, this game offers an exciting and enjoyable experience. Taking inspiration from renowned strategy video games such as Heroes of Might and Magic and Warcraft III, Anima Mundi combines intuitive rules with adjustable playtime.

In this game, 2-4 players assume the roles of different factions: Elementals, Humans, Celestial Accord, and Alloyed. Each player controls their faction’s Champions, who venture into the world to gather resources and engage in epic battles. The ultimate objective is to outmaneuver opponents and ensure that your Champion emerges as the last one standing.

One of the game’s standout features is its fully modular map, providing practically unlimited replayability. With the map changing each time you play, strategies must be adapted accordingly, creating a fresh and engaging experience every time. Furthermore, each faction possesses its own unique playstyle, adding depth to the gameplay. The Celestial Accord faction suits those who favor an aggressive approach, Elementals offer a balanced playstyle, Alloyed faction players can employ cunning strategies and tricks, while Humans excel in defensive tactics.

Anima Mundi also stands out for its commitment to supporting the artist, Ty Grenier. Asaeil Games has chosen to launch a Kickstarter campaign to ensure proper compensation for Grenier’s artistic contributions. At the time of writing, the campaign boasts over 25 days remaining and has made substantial progress towards its funding goal of $13,500, with current pledges nearing $5,000.

By supporting Anima Mundi on Kickstarter, not only can you become part of a thrilling gaming community, but you can also contribute to the success of an artistic endeavor that values the talent behind its creation. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to dive into a world of strategic battles and endless possibilities.



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