Are Vaporfi E-Cigs Bad For Health?

Vaping is rapidly becoming the alternative to smoking because you get to avoid the harmful effects of cigarettes. It is also a great way to stop smoking because you gradually reduce your nicotine intake over time.  However, the question still remains; are e-cigarettes bad for your health. We will explore this in a little more detail in our article below, but you should check out for some fantastic deals.


Why Should You Consider E-Cigarettes

Any smoker will tell you that it is challenging to quit the habit.  Many people are now turning to Vaping or smoking e-cigarettes as a way to stop.  The cigarettes are battery-operated and allow you to get the nicotine without the carbon monoxide or tar, which are by-products of the regular cigarettes. We are in no way saying that vaping comes with zero by-products that may harm the body, but the levels are significantly lower.

It is interesting to know that fewer people are smoking conventional cigarettes, while more people are turning to Vaping.  Research by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in 2017 shows that up 26.9 million US adults were using e-cigarettes. In the UK, approximately 6% of the adult population were vaping within the same year.


Associated Benefits of Vaping

By reducing your exposure to carcinogens that are in tobacco smoke, you can expect to reduce your cancer risk.  Tobacco contains up to 70 carcinogens that have a deadly impact on the body.  Conventional smoking leads to several health problems, including heart diseases, which result in fatalities. E-Cigarettes can lead to heart disease due to the ultrafine particles that enter the bloodstream.

Many people can stop smoking when they use e-cigarettes.  Actually, that was the thinking behind the design of the e-cigarettes.  Most people are not able to go cold turkey when it comes to the cessation of smoking, and many will, therefore, turn to e-cigarettes. It is more successful than any other quitting aids. It helps manage the nicotine cravings; the experts recommend that you stop smoking entirely if you want to enjoy its full benefits.

Second-hand smoking is also a considerable concern with regard to conventional cigarettes.   With vaping, there is no evidence to show that other people around you will come to any kind of harm.


Things to Note With Regard To Vaping

  •  E-cigarettes are not 100% risk-free as you are still taking in nicotine.  They are, however, not as harmful as conventional cigarettes.
  •  There does not seem to be any research with regard to smoking e-cigarettes while pregnant.  It is best practice not to do it at all, but if you really must, you should opt for vaping, and not the conventional cigarettes.
  •  Make sure you use the correct charger and avoid charging overnight to prevent the potential risk of exploding.

E-cigarettes are less harmful than conventional cigarettes.  However, like anything else, you need to do it in moderation to reduce the risk even further.



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