Baskin-Robbins is Introducing ‘Stranger Things’ Ice Cream Treats This Summer

Stranger Things Season 3 is coming out on July 4 and now Baskin-Robbins is offering new ice cream flavors motivated by the super hit Netflix show that will turn your taste buds upside down and in a very good way.

From next month, Baskin-Robbins will reveal cool Stranger Things treats at its locations nationwide. Fans can enjoy the Stranger Things-themed Flavors of the Month, including Eleven’s Heaven and Upside Down Pralines, or beat the heat with a Demogorgon Sundae or a Byers’ House Lights Polar Pizza Ice Cream Treat. The purpose of the new venture is to celebrate Stranger Things culture and give people with an out-of-this-world food experience while they experience the show’s third season, according to a Baskin-Robbins press release.

Byers’ House Lights Polar Pizza Ice Cream Treat and Take-Home Quarts. (Photo Credit: Eric Cartman / Baskin-Robbins)

Eleven enjoys her Eggo Waffles, so why can’t you? Eleven’s Heaven, a waffle cone-flavored ice cream garnished with chocolate-covered sugar cone pieces and a chocolate icing-flavored ribbon will be your new binge-watching snack, while Upside Down Pralines, a chocolate ice cream decorated with praline pecans and a chocolate caramel-flavored ribbon will send you straight to dessert heaven.

Eleven’s Heaven (Photo Credit: Eric Cartman / Baskin-Robbins)

Baskin-Robbins will also have other Stranger Things-inspired ice cream options available, such as the Demogorgon Sundae, which looks like the monster’s face, and a throwback to Stranger Things’ first season with the Byers’ House Lights Polar Pizza Ice Cream Treat, a Chocolate Chip Polar Pizza crust that comes with Snickers ice cream and M&Ms Chocolate Candy Christmas Lights. Other treats include an Elevenade Freeze, a summer drink that mixes Minute Maid Lemonade and vanilla ice cream, and USS Butterscotch Quarts, which pay tribute to new Season 3 scenes.

Demogorgon Sundae (Photo Credit: Eric Cartman / Baskin-Robbins)

Visit Baskin-Robbins’ website to know more about the new Stranger Things-inspired treats and collectible stuff hitting stores soon.



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