Benefits of Being a Psychology Major

Having the desire to work in a job in the medical field can be tough and as you are working towards the education needs, it can become difficult to remember the benefits of the major. While you can find a lot of info about psychology schools, they are not always helpful when you start to worry whether you made the right choice in going into the psychology field.

Plenty of Jobs

Despite what you have heard, there are still plenty of jobs in the psychology field. Psychology can be used to become a counselor, therapist, and much more. These people are needed in schools, youth groups, communities, military, and even privately run practices. It does take time to obtain the degree, but it is possible to obtain entry-level jobs to help with the amount of clinical hours necessary to get the license.

If you are expecting to graduate and get a job as a psychologist immediately, then you will struggle with this major. However, a majority of the people who get a degree in psychology find jobs in social work, child care, counseling, parole officers, rehabilitation services, and even real estate. Psychology degrees are extremely versatile, even if the pay is not as high as other medical field jobs.

More Likely to Get a Doctorate

In order to really succeed in the psychology field, you need a doctorate. The doctorate is what allows people to become licensed psychologists and practice on their own. Most majors have people who finish school after obtaining their Bachelor’s. One of the benefits of the psychology major is going further is not really an option. The value of the doctorate is still very high on the job market and the ability to use it in many jobs, as it can be an art degree or a science degree.

Why is it Desirable for Companies?

Probably the best benefit to having a psychology major is companies find it desirable. You will have the ability to predict behaviors and keep the tension in the workplace at a minimum. You will also have insight into potential problems based on behaviors and help people learn how to adapt to change during mergers. Finally, you will have the ability to reduce the stress in an office environment.

While in school, you will learn how to read behavior. This gives you the ability to predict and control behavior in the workplace. This ability will help you in any facet of life and businesses understand this when they are looking at potential candidates. Therefore, this major may not land you a job in your intended field in the beginning, it is a major that will help guarantee a job in an extremely competitive market.



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