Binging With Babish Revealed How To Make Kung-Pao Chicken From SEINFELD

Binging with Babish has unleashed a new video in which he revealed to us how to make Kung-Pao chicken from the Seinfeld series. You know the one, “George likes his chicken spicy.” It’s one of the best episodes in the series. Anyway, I love Kung-Pao chicken, but I’ve never tried to make it myself. It even took Binging with Babish three times to get it right!

This week, we’re returning to the fictional land of New York City, where a sweating George Costanza proudly exclaims (in the third person) that he likes his chicken spicy. That chicken? Kung pao, a Chinese-American take on a traditional spicy Szechuan dish. I think. Either way, it’s super-good, and warrants a couple practice runs!



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