Book An Experienced Caterer For Your Wedding By Asking These Essential Questions: Don’t Miss

You can conquer any war if you have eaten good and delicious food. Food is what makes your mind, you and your health. From the inception of the human race, they were always searching for savory food and the ways by which they could make it. They might have thought perhaps that tasty food grows on trees or somewhere else. Yeah, ingredients definitely do.

So when they found all the ingredients for good food, they found and discovered ways to cook tasty food. As the taste in their food grew, they grew also! Good and tasty food is everything for life and without it, we can’t live. We all know that.

Even when a family goes for seeing a girl for their boy for marriage, they first see whether the girl is good at cooking or not. And at weddings and any function also, food is given the utmost priority because it is what guests are going to taste. So by any chance, if you are searching for caterers, then best wedding caterers in Chandigarh are available that you can book for your wedding and ceremonies.

But before booking any caterer, you should know what kind of caterer it is that you are going to book. Because of most of the time people who are not aware of the ways that how one should book wedding vendors, they get deceived of their money by fraud vendors. Hence you should be aware and know-how right, experienced and professional wedding vendor you can book. And we are going to tell you about wedding caterer.


Questions must-ask to a wedding caterer when you hire:

Experience: it is the foremost thing that you need to ask a caterer that you are going to hire that how much service experience he/she has, and especially in the wedding segment. Catering business varies. Some caterers provide services for every segment and some provide for an only single one. So you need to ask before booking finally how much experience a particular vendor has.

Portfolio: those caterers who say they are experienced and professional, they must have a portfolio of their work. So before booking ask for their portfolio. These days all vendors prefer digital portfolio. They have on social media so you can check there. You can also ask for their live sites where they are going to do catering provided you can know they are real by visiting the site.

Clients’ reviews: you can check a particular vendor’s clients’ reviews. You can often find them on caterer’s website and on their profiles. These clients are those people who have taken their services. By reading reviews whether videos or text you can get a better idea of what wedding caterer you are going to hire.  For marketing their business, all vendors have their best reviews uploaded. So check them all before booking.

Test wedding venue: you must have decided your wedding menu that is going to be served at the wedding. You have half-booked your caterer too, so say him/her to prepare test wedding menu provided you can know how tasty they cook, and whether they can cook on time also or not. If you like prepared food, then book them finally.

Fee: nothing comes free! This fee thing you should ask first. Your budget and caterer’s fee should match otherwise it is not going to work. As the popular caterer you hire, the more fee you need to give, and it depends on the food menu also. Though there are different models every caterer follows. So when someone is charging you that much amount, you should ask what fee model they are following.

These are some broad points that you must ask a caterer when you hire him/her. On the other hand, whatever questions you feel necessary to ask, ask them. Besides all that, if you want to book an experienced caterer for your wedding or any other function, you can book from Shaadidukaan, which is an online wedding market where you can find almost all the vendors. And this online wedding market is India’s one of the best.



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