Check Out Overpriced, Unappetizing Mandalorian Cookies

In a new episode of The Mandalorian, tiny baby Yoda ate a blue cookie which looks like a macaron. And now you can now buy these macarons, called “Nevarro Nummies” from Williams Sonoma. And they will cost you a whopping $49.95 for a dozen.

io9  did the math and it estimates them to be about $4.17 per cookie. This is insanely expensive! You want 50 bucks for 12 ugly looking cookies that look like prop food?

Mandalorian Cookies
  • These cookies look like they’ve had their souls sucked out by a cartoon demon.
  • They look like they spent all summer vacation inside and returned to school pasty while everyone else got tan and hot.
  • They look like they’ve been sitting in your grandpa’s freezer for half of his natural life.
  • They look like they just gave blood and uh oh they better sit down they’re not feeling so good.
  • Sadly, this cookie has passed. It now wanders the Earth in search of vengeance.
  • They look like play food your unusually adept niece made with her remaining Play-Doh.
  • These cookies? Just got devastating news about a high-interest loan they took out against their house.
  • Made y’all these cookies in pottery class but I forgot to add a glaze sorry.
  • These cookies fell below the counter at your local eatery and were served anyway by a teenager just trying to save up for a car.



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