Check Out The Amazing Sushi Burgers

Food blog “So Beautifully Raw” has brought this union of two excellent foods to our attention, featuring this delicious-looking vegan sushi burger with avocado, pickled ginger, red cabbage, mayo and teriyaki “chicken” — which is actually jackfruit.

It’s not the first time the sushi burger has been experimented with. Barcelona-based food blogger Carmen Martínez shared a photograph of a delectable chicken katsu sushi burger on her Instagram account, condospalillos, in February.

Featuring a Japanese curry sauce and seaweed garnish, we’d like to put this down our mouths now, please. If you’re keen, here’s a recipe — albeit in Spanish.

More sushi burger ideas:

Japan’s MOS Burger is a fast food chain that has been pumping out its famous rice burger since 1987 — like your typical burger, just with buns made of tightly packed rice.

Inside you’ll find fillings such as fried ebi (shrimp), yakiniku-style meat and even kimchi. Now you know what you’re having, or dreaming of, for lunch.



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