Check Out The Cool New Retro Games Infographic For Geeks And Gamers!

This is a great time to be alive if you love gaming, Gaming fans are happy with the number of great games from the past have come to the mobile gaming platform on iOS and on the Google Play Store.

Android and iOS gaming platforms are peaking the popularity right now, Many developers are porting the awesome classic games over to phones now and people are loving it.

Some of the most famous games from the earlier year of gaming that was earlier available for PC are now on the game markets on the matter if you use Android or Apple. On Still Cracking we love some good old infographics and this post is no exception, you can check out the awesome infographic of games that are available on smartphones now, thanks to Betway Blog. If you want something completely different you can download their Betway app from here.


The infographic was created by the content team at Betway.

Now here are some of the retro games that we love to play and we love to recommend that you have a go at them.



The all-time favorite shooter, This is the first-person shooter that pave the way for the genre, along with Wolfenstein, Doom is one of the best games of all time, and now it is been ported to fridges, and smartwatches and god knows to what else.

It was combined with fast-paced action with brutal violence and gore was the key to breaking open a completely new market for video games which we have never seen before this brutal shooter. After Doom now we have many modern shooters that follow its trail of success. Doom is still the best retro shooter of all time if you want to kill some time then what will be a better way to kill some of them.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Symphony of the Night fans would love to pay the full price of the game just to hear the iconic soundtrack “Bloody Tears”, and it is justified. Castlevania is one of the most awesome games from the past and it is available for you on mobile phones now.

The game was a lot of fun and it still is a lot of fun, as it was at the time of its initial release, you will never get tired of the adventures of Trevor Belmont.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII

Now we have a new remake of Final Fantasy VII and it is available on the PS4, but gamers rather play the game like it was intended long ago. But now you have it on your phones for the ease of gaming and while you are on the commute or just sitting at the dentist’s office.

A large part of Square Enix’s game library is now readily available on the Google Play Store, and the Final Fantasy series is the most hit and most sought-after game on the market.



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