Chef Gordon Ramsay Hilariously Critiques Drive Through Orders at Fast Food Restaurants

While going to Wales, the hilarious irascible chef Gordon Ramsay made a stop at a fast-food restaurant and he questioned the drive-through staff about the sources of the ingredients using the order microphone. When he drove up to get his food, he let was a bit disappointed.

I’ll take the normal hickory ham cheese toasty, please. …Thank you. that’s it, thank you. … It’s only toasted on one side and I asked for no mustard.

When Ramsay stayed at a place in Cornwall a week later, he did the same thing and then offered a profanity-laced critique when he found out how they cooked his bacon.

2 pound 90 for that? How much is that? It’s three pounds for that? For one ration of bacon? Jesus Christ big boy, you can buy half a pound of bacon down the local butchers for one pound fifty Is the grill on? So they’re not grilling the bacon. you don’t microwave bacon. Oh Jesus, what are you doing? Oh god, you’ve gone rogue…Take care don’t forget the grill, please. Jesus Christ, you cannot microwave bacon you’ve got to grill it.

Check out the video below:



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