‘Close Encounters’ End Table With a Rising UFO Top That Reveals a Train Underneath

Designer Peter Waldraff made a spectacular Close Encounters of the Third Kind end table with a rising top that shows an N series micro-train underneath. He first made the round table and then fit the train, its tracks, and scenery into the surface. He then created the lighted UFO top that would lift and drop down on demand.

I built an end table with a rising table top that reveals and holds a N scale micro train layout inside. The layout is powered by a 6 volt rechargeable battery. The table works using a weighted pulley system. The layout inside rotates so all 360 degrees can be seen. When the train is not in use the table top can be lowered and the table looks like just a fine piece of furniture.

Waldraff recreated a very special scene from the movie with this design.

I tried to recreate the scene where he was sitting at the train crossing. In the background, I have Devil’s Tower and above the Mothership. This layout’s supposed to take place at night. Of course, the UFO lights double as lighting for the train on the other side.

Here’s that scene from the movie.



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