Enjoy VR Movies on your Smartphone

A great deal of our world has developed into a double click one with so many options online that it is quite incredible to think it was only ten years or so ago that the first iPhone was launched. Since then our lives have been almost taken over by the range and brilliance of the apps available for us to download to our mobile devices.

Nowhere else can we take advantage of being able to plan and pay for a trip abroad, view either the latest movie or TV show, or even search for new bingo sites in 2016 to enjoy when we have some spare time to connect with family and friends whilst enjoying the increasingly popular classic game.

Using your smartphone for entertainment has produced an enormous amount of apps and many of them are used to view films, games, and news, and now enjoying that first experience with virtual reality on your iPhone or Android is a simple process, one where there is no need to send out hundreds of pounds on an HTC Vive headset or an Oculus Rift.

If that sounds interesting to you then you will also be interested to know that the Android or the iPhone handsets are VR devices in their own right, and if you use one of the Google Cardboard headsets that cost under £20 and work with both Android and iOS together with your smartphone as a screen then all you need to do is download one of the compatible apps.

  • The app Jaunt has been compared to Vrse as it is a mixture of entertaining videos together with more serious short films and once more there is a good variety for you to enjoy. Expect to find live performances by Paul McCartney and Jack White plus up-to-date news events and there is also an ABC news report from Syria.  The app is free for both iOS and Android.
  • RYOT produces films that were so liked by The Huffington Post that they bought the virtual reality company earlier this year. RYOT has made a collection of VR documentaries from some distant places with the emphasis of its documentaries being on serious issues like refugees, riots, war, disaster relief, and other related topics.
  • YouTube is also extremely keen on virtual reality and 360-degree videos with an expanding catalog of videos to watch on its service. You can enjoy wildlife, and music amongst others if you type in VR or ‘360’ into the YouTube search.
  • Verse includes fun shorts and music videos to enjoy as well as more serious videos that explore the world we live in

Film and documentary makers are rightly excited about the potential of virtual reality and the opportunity that VR can make their audiences feel their movies, and it is predicted that VR has a big future within the documentary and filmmaking industry with the medium constantly evolving.



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