Far Cry 7 in Development

Far Cry 6 only just covered up at the end of 2022 with its final expansion, and now a new report has revealed where the franchise might be going next. The new report noted that the series was going to the cold Alaskan wilderness and will have multiplayer and single-player entries.

Insider Gaming‘s two sources noted that the single-player game is referred to as Project Blackbird while the multiplayer one is known as Project Maverick. They were allegedly part of a singular game called Project Talisker, but were split up following Dan Hay’s exit, who was the franchise executive director before heading to Blizzard Entertainment in April 2022. Hay had worked on Far Cry extensively since being a producer on Far Cry 3.

Maverick is said to be an extraction-based shooter like Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0‘s DMZ and has “permadeath, a backpack system, contracts, and more.” Screenshots reportedly shown to the outlet also contained loot chests and extraction zones.

Not much is known about Blackbird, but it is thought to also take place in Alaska, given how the two were part of the same game at one time. The Alaskan wilderness was also one possible setting found in a survey about the franchise that was sent out in 2015. Other themes from that survey included a zombie outbreak, the Vietnam War, and a futuristic sci-fi setting on another planet, all of which were found in Far Cry 5‘s season pass. Others, like the Wild West and a Jurassic Park-like place with dinosaurs, haven’t manifested in the series yet.

These games  to be quite far away, as Insider Gaming stated that the two are tentatively scheduled for fall 2025. However, with Ubisoft delaying and canceling all types of games, it seems like there might be ample chances to miss that target.



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